Health Care in Canada vs. US

There is no doubt that the healthcare system in the United States is far more expensive than that of Canada. The problem with this is that those who are wealthy actually benefit from it because there are certain medical treatments that are available to those with the available finances. The variation in healthcare coverage is somewhat of a reality in the countries that are more developed because, of course, a large number of citizens will not die from some sort of disease or sickness.

Looking at the Differences

The main difference between the two has to do with the health insurance rates of coverage which create a problem for the single insurance payer. The cost of insurance in Canada is kept down rationally, but there are indefinitely longer wait times for a service to be granted or implemented. Why isn’t there a universal coverage yet? Can we find more private solutions that are going to serve people at a more affordable rate?  These are some important questions that need to be answered.

The Canadian system is held up as a model for the United States, although the two countries vary significantly. In Canada, the system is for the single payer and most of it is funded publicly. The United States focuses on a plan that is multi-payer and the majority of it is a private system. Is there a conflict with either of these? It’s actually quite ironic that culture wise, the two are both very similar, and it would be very possible for the United States to adopt a healthcare system like Canada. The appeal in theirs is that they will get more without having to do a lot of work to receive it. They have a universal healthcare system for all of the citizens, and then don’t spend as much money on the GDP.

We can compare the two by looking at the evidence from both levels of care. There is a significant difference in mortality rate, but that may not have to do with the healthcare system – there are other factors that may very well play important roles. The weight of a baby at birth can have something to do with it and that could be the result of substance abuse. As a matter of fact, if Canada had the same proportions of a baby’s weight, there would be a significantly higher mortality rate.


Life Expectancy

We can also compare that to life expectancy for citizens. There is a gap between children and adults when we compare the two countries, but in the US there is a higher rate of mortality due to homicides and accidents. At an older age, the gap may be the result of a heart disease that is much higher; this could be due to the fact that there is a better treatment for heart disease in Canada. There’s no doubt that the United States has a higher obesity rate – it is greater by 30%!

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