Consequences of Poor Dental Hygiene

There are some important things you need to know about poor dental hygiene. Although our parents and dentists always remind us to take good care of our teeth, we sometimes fall into bad habits regarding oral health and as a result our teeth suffers for our laziness. We may be more motivated to do a better job with our dental hygiene if we were more aware of the consequences of not looking after our teeth properly. For example, if you get periodontal disease it may affect your heart health because as the bacteria from your teeth eventually makes its way into your bloodstream and arteries, causing your arteries to narrow and your immune system to weaken. This increases your chances of heart failure.

Other Ways Poor Dental Hygiene Hurts Your Health

When the bacteria from periodontal disease enter the plaque and arteries, it also affects the blood flow to your brain and this may cause memory loss. Other medical studies show that when people do not take proper care of their teeth and gums, they could develop oral cancer or mouth ulcers. If you breathe in the bacteria acquired through dental disease, you could get respiratory problems.

Why Teeth Cleanings Are Important

The main reason why dental cleanings are necessary is because it removes the harmful bacteria that could cause oral cancer over a period of time. Another reason why you need a dental cleaning every few weeks is because you want to prevent gum disease that causes swelling and bleeding of the gums. Finally, dental cleaning keeps you from tooth loss.

Poor Dental Hygiene Hinders Your Social Life

When you have poor dental hygiene habits, it could hinder your social life in several ways. For example, if you have chronic halitosis due to poor dental habits, it will be difficult to have intimate conversations with others or if you are wearing metal braces because of bad dental hygiene, you may experience teasing from classmates and strangers. You can avoid these situations by taking better care of your teeth.

Medical Conditions Brought On By Gum Disease

It is possible to get not only oral cancer but also lung and kidney cancer because gum disease weakens your immune system and if you are a heavy smoker with gum disease, you may develop the cancer more quickly than smokers without gum disease. This is why you need routine dental checkups to ensure that your gums are healthy. If you are a diabetic who has gum disease it could affect your quality of life.



Based on the above mentioned information, it is clear that your dental health is linked to the health of other parts of your body. You want to visit the aurora dentist a few times each year to see how well you are doing regarding your teeth. You should brush and floss your teeth every night before bedtime and cut down on sugary snacks to reduce tooth decay. Doing these, while giving you good health, makes you to save more money at the end of the year.

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