Alternative Methods of Quitting Smoking

So you tried all brands of electronic cigarettes,  nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers and lozenges and even positive self-talk in your attempt to quit smoking but those methods are not working and you are now discouraged but you do not have to feel upset anymore because alternative medicine usage is on the rise and some who used these medicines to quit smoking reported good results. Before you choose a natural remedy you should do as much research on it so that you are aware of the side effects and benefits.

Psychological Counseling

This method does not require the use of prescriptions in order to successfully quit smoking and this is a good thing because if you were to take a potentially addictive substance to help you quit smoking, you would trade in one bad habit for another one. When you meet with the psychologist you are getting to the root causes of your addiction and you would receive safe and effective exercises that decrease your desire for smoking.


Meditation has worked for some people who quit smoking and when you meditate, you are attempting to relieve your mind of all negative things that keep you from becoming smoke-free in your life. If you are a Christian, you would study Bible passages that remind you of God’s power to set you free from the smoking addiction. Others may use yoga as a form of meditation for assistance with quitting smoking.

Electronic Cigarette

Physical Activity

You can take your mind off the battle to quit smoking by replacing it better activities. One such activity is physical exercise and it helps you focus on another goal; getting and staying in shape. Examples of physical activity include jogging, dancing, walking on a treadmill, swimming, or playing ball with your children.

Herbal Supplements

Some alternative health stores carry herbal supplements that are safe and designed for those trying to quit smoking. Before you buy a certain brand of herbal supplements you want to talk with the salesperson and get her opinion on the supplements. Read reviews of the supplements in natural health magazines and read ingredients carefully to ensure that no toxins or additives are in the ingredients.

Look at Pictures of Those Whose Bodies Were Damaged By Smoking

Sometimes it helps to look at the results of years of smoking on others’ lives and you can go on the Internet and look at photos of those whose bodies were damaged by tobacco abuse such as someone who now has to breathe and talk though a tube, a person who needs a lung transplant and who is bed ridden on a frequent basis, or photos of people in the hospice who are in their final stages of lung cancer. If you have relatives in this situation, observe their daily lives and inquire about how you can avoid the same situation. In conclusion, quitting smoking is possible but it will not be an easy task. You should use the above mentioned methods and get help from others.


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