Local Health Services for The Elderly

Preventative Care for The Elderly

Preventative care is essential to the health of local senior citizens and local health services exist to provide this kind of care so that the elderly can detect possible signs of more serious illnesses and so they can prevent these illnesses early on. Some cities have nonprofit health organizations that have their own free clinics for low-income seniors who want to receive preventative care and they can get physical checkups, dental and eye exams and tests for possible hearing loss.

Need for Locally-Owned Healthcare That Targets Seniors

A majority of healthcare companies are corporately-operated and at times bureaucratic as to how it treats patients at times. This is not good for seniors at the local level and there is a strong need for locally-operated health insurance providers that are specifically for local senior citizens and that are affordable. A common complaint about corporate healthcare providers is that they tend not to cover pre-existing conditions and these providers often do not cover enough procedures and prescriptions. This kind of local health services can also offer coverage of home health care and stays in nursing homes.


Local Dental Schools’ Role in Health Care for Seniors

Local dental schools can help seniors access quality dental care by accepting more Medicare patients since a majority of seniors have this kind of health insurance. Local dental schools can also partner with health insurance providers to increase the number of elderly patients they receive, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods.

Mobile Healthcare Services for Elderly

If you are the director of a local nonprofit organization, you can provide local health services for the elderly by starting a mobile health clinic in the community where nurses, dentists, eye doctors and other types of doctors visit the homes of the elderly to perform checkups. This is a good idea for those who are no longer able to make frequent doctors’ visits.

Local Health Services Are Beneficial for Elderly During Budget Cuts

When local health services offer assistance to the elderly in their communities, the senior citizens will receive the help they need during times when the government cannot provide certain health benefits. For example, if the government decides to drastically cut Social Security benefits and Medicare benefits, local healthcare providers will step in and fill this need.

Ways Seniors Can Research Local Health Services

You can find out which local health services are available in your community by visiting your city’s government website to locate the different free clinics and traditional clinics that accept Medicare and different health insurance providers. Another idea is to have your adult child or grandchild bring you to the social services department and inquire about how you can access affordable healthcare as a senior citizen. Finally, you can contact local medical schools and ask if they offer senior discounts and if so, which procedures qualify for the discounts. With the proper research it is possible for seniors to obtain the best care for their needs.

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