How Smoking Causes Lung Cancer

 Lung cancer is the primary disease caused by smoking but you can reduce your chances of developing it by quitting tobacco cigarettes and instead using electronic cigarettes. Since electronic cigarettes do not have tobacco smoke coming out of them, it is safer to smoke. Instead electronic cigarettes contain liquid nicotine that comes out of a cartridge as a water vapor. When you smoke electronic cigarettes you also reduce passing on secondhand smoke to others. The National Cancer Institute says that each year smoking is the main cause of 30% of cancer-related deaths. If you are exposed to secondhand smoke you are at risk of getting cancer. The tobacco inside of traditional cigarettes have between 3000 and 4000 toxins in them that damage the lungs over a period of years and as this gets to the lungs, cancer chances increase. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not have these toxins.

Ways in Which Smoking Leads To Lung Cancer and Other Lung Problems

When you smoke for a long period of time, your lung’s elastic tissues are ruined because of the tar buildup from the cigarettes and as a result your lung expands so much to the point that it is hard to breathe. Smoking also causes the tar to latch on to your nasal and throat passageway and it is for this reason that mucus is clogged in your respiratory system. And as stated above, carcicogenic chemicals from the cigarettes get in your system and tumors can form on the lungs. These are more reasons why you should switch to electronic cigarettes because they do not harm your lungs in the same way.

Lung Cancer and Smoking

Other Kinds of Smoking Related Cancers

Aside from lung cancer, smoking tobacco cigarettes also causes larynx cancer, cervix cancer, pancreatic cancer, and at times colon cancer. Each type of cancer has its’ own symptoms and if you feel you may one of these cancers, research the main symptoms of them then meet with the doctor to determine if this is the case.

Additional Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes do not have a lot of nicotine in them and this means that they are less addictive than tobacco cigarettes. In addition, electronic cigarettes do not have tar, acetone or arsenic in them and this reduces your lung cancer chances. If you smoke around others with electronic cigarettes, they will not be harmed because you are giving off liquid nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are also cheaper than cigarettes.


Lung cancer interferes with your daily activities and you shorten your lifespan. But there is good news because if you quit the tobacco cigarettes and switch to electronic cigarettes, you lower the cancer chances. You can buy electronic cigarettes at the convenience store, online retailers, at trade shows and from mail order catalogs. Electronic cigarettes also come in delicious flavors such as cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and almond. Finally, these are easy to assemble and smoke, and they last longer if you buy in bulk.

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