Raspberry Ketones and Weight Loss Benefits

Although there is some controversy, raspberry ketones are considered to be safe. There is no evidence that shows any short term or long term effects and how it could potentially harm your body.  Without evidence there is no way of verifying that there are no detrimental effects of the fruit on your body. There are some reports of jittering and an increase in blood pressure. For those who suffer from high blood pressure it would make sense to avoid the supplement.

The Studies

The only studies on the effects of this have been performed on animals and the results of this study were the processing of fat increased. There was a reduction in fatty tissue with a focus in the animal’s liver. This seemed to affect the production of animal hormones which in turned increased the ability to burn fat. Whether or not ketones have the same effect on a human’s metabolism is not verified although many people swear by the supplement.

The effects of this may be promising to people just as it is to an animal’s metabolism but it will not give you the weight loss benefits that you’re looking for if you don’t know how to adopt a healthy balanced diet and exercise regime. Many experts say that you shouldn’t rely on it alone to get the physical results that you want. If you have a stubborn metabolism there is nothing wrong with using it to help you get rid of stubborn fat that you cannot seem to shed.


Many people seemed to want to use this supplement after it was shown on the Dr. Oz show. There is no proof that it actually sheds weight for everyone but many customers are seeing results. If you suffer from any anxiety disorders or you are taking other medication for your mood or hormones you should consult a physician before you start taking this supplement being that it could have a significant effect on your hormones.

To see whether or not the raspberry ketones have a weight loss impact on you it is indefinitely worth a try. If you sense that there are too many negative side effects that are affecting your health and your mood you should probably opt out of taking it. Do note that many people have had quick results from this and have experienced weight loss while focusing on eating healthy and exercising simultaneously. There is no way to cheat your weight loss and taking a diet supplement is not going to solve all of your weight loss issues. The change of lifestyle is the only thing that will promise long term weight loss effects.


RK is a chemical compound that gives the berries its alluring aroma and when the ketones are extracted from the berries they can be used to add fragrance to products. The recent buzz is that it can melt away fat and prevent weight gain. There isn’t anyone that knows for sure but experts say that it has a huge impact on bodily hormones and metabolism which helps to cut out those stubborn fatty cells that you can’t seem to get rid of.

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