Medical Uses of Human Growth Hormone

One of the main uses of human growth hormone is that it helps children who have stunted growth and this is one of the reasons why the Federal Drug Administration approved of HGH although it is illegal for doctors to prescribe it for any other reason. Those who had certain cancers that slowed down bone density and growth would benefit from human growth hormone. People who have AIDS or other immune system-related diseases often struggle to build muscle and human growth hormone helps with increasing muscle mass. While some doctors do not recommend this, some athletes use HGH to improve playing skills.

How Menopause Symptoms Can Be Relieved With HGH

Menopause often occurs within ages 45 and 55 and some of the symptoms include night sweats, hot flashes and weight gain. HGH is often produced in the body to boost a woman’s metabolism and maintain a healthy immune system but when a woman turns 40, her level of human growth hormone decreases and it is one of the reasons why she may consider HGH injections. The menopausal woman who wants to curb aging signs such as wrinkles would benefit from HGH.


It Helps Those With Deficiency of Natural Human Growth Hormone

The pituary gland is responsible for producing human growth hormone in the body but not everyone is born with adequate levels of this hormone so in this case they can get HGH injections so that they can boost their intake of this hormone to live a better life.

Good For Hair Loss

Another medical use for human growth hormone is the treatment and prevention of hair loss. This is because according to the Medical College of Wisconsin, HGH helped 300 participants in a study concerning the benefits of HGH for hair loss. The participants stated that when they used HGH they had thicker and healthier hair.

Weight Loss and Appetite Suppression

Some people feel that HGH can decrease weight gain and suppress your appetite greatly. In addition to this, those who used HGH also reported that they had better cardiovascular health and that their organs were functioning better as a result. Others reported a boost in metabolism and they had more stamina to perform daily tasks.

Muscle Building Purposes

Some doctors prescribe human growth hormone to help people build muscle and this is good news for those who are bodybuilders or who want to enter a competition that deals with bodybuilding as a way of challenging themselves physically.


Human growth hormone is a beneficial therapy for the above mentioned reasons but like any therapy, you should talk with the doctor to determine if you are healthy enough for the treatment. If you notice negative side effects while taking the HGH therapy, alert the doctor to prevent future health issues. It also helps to read health articles and books on the topic. Finally, you can talk with friends who benefited from the therapy and get suggestions.

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